Panoramic view of Shanghai City. Photo by Martin Wang.

About China Index

Who we are

China Index is an independent publication and think tank launched by a dedicated group of researchers, journalists and experts. It serves as a reliable source of analysis and insights on various aspects of China’s economy, politics, society, and culture. With its extensive research capabilities and diverse expertise, China Index offers a comprehensive understanding of one of the world’s most significant countries.

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A roof near gray mountains in Hubei. Photo by Vincent Tint.

Mission of China Index

The primary aim of China Index is to provide high-quality and objective analysis of the multifaceted dynamics within China. By conducting in-depth research and producing insightful reports, China Index offers valuable perspectives on China’s economic policies, market trends, trade relations, technological advancements, and social developments. These analyses enable policymakers, businesses, academics, and the general public to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of China’s evolving landscape.

Diverse fields and topics

China Index’s publications encompass a wide range of topics, covering economic policies, financial markets, international trade, foreign relations, governance structures, social issues, technological innovation, cultural developments, and more. China Index aims to foster constructive exchanges of ideas, encourage collaboration, and contribute to a better understanding of Chinese society and China’s role in the global context.

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China Index is independent

China Index, as an independent publication and think tank, provides a valuable platform for understanding China’s complex and rapidly changing landscape. Through its rigorous research, objective analysis, and diverse expertise, China Index offers insights that are indispensable for policymakers, businesses, researchers, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of China’s economic, business, technological, political, and social dynamics.

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